Video Blog 4-30-10

Here’s what’s on tap for today: Blackberry 6 OS preview, Is there too much Steve Jobs and Apple news, 3G iPad plans

Target Targets Your Cellphone

Your iPhone can now save you $1 on cheese.

Giant discount retailer Target announced on Wednesday that it was rolling out a program to beam coupons directly to customers’ smartphones. The mobile coupons work just like their old-fashioned paper cousins: the checkout clerk scans them right from a barcode on your cellphone screen.
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Adobe Responds to Apple

Adobe CEO Shantan Narayen today publicly denied many of the allegations made by Apple CEO Steve Jobs regarding Flash. Narayen was responding to Jobs’ open letter posted earlier today that lambasted Adobe’s Flash platform as a closed system unfit to run on Apple products.

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BlackBerry 6 OS: First look A sneak peak at the latest software from Blackberry

Ginny Mies, PC World

We take a first look at BlackBerry 6 OS: RIM’s latest mobile operating system software.
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Worst of the Week: Apple overkill

Every Friday RCR Wireless News(an industry publication) writes this column. It is normally very whimsical and poignant. will add this to our Friday blog for your enjoyment-Bill

April 30 2010 – 12:12 pm ET | Tracy Ford | RCR Wireless News

Hello! And welcome to our Friday column, Worst of the Week. There’s a lot of nutty stuff that goes on in this industry, so this column is a chance for us at to rant and rave about whatever rubs us the wrong way. We hope you enjoy.

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AT&T releases more details on 3G iPad plans

For those of you who have been too caught up watching the tracking data for your new 3G iPad as it inches ever closer to your doorstep, delight in a new bit of additional information, this time from AT&T. On Wednesday, the exclusive 3G networking service provider posted an iPad 3G fact sheet (in PDF form) detailing how the service would work.

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This is a short one today as all the stories have their own video. Verizon introduces the Incredible, some incredible things the iPad can do with children’s stories and David Letterman’s top 10 for the lost iPhone

DROID Incredible by HTC Review (interview w/ HTC)

This is a great demo from the manufacturer themselves. Check out the entire video as there are some really neat things at the end.-Bill

Verizon Wireless today announced availability of the HTC Droid Incredible, the next evolutionary step in its Droid line of smartphones. The Incredible is available today in Verizon Wireless store, online for $199.99 after a $100 mail-in rebate with a new two-year customer agreement.
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How To Be a Cool Grandparent

This is way to cool!!!!!!!!

How To Be a Cool Grandparent

Step 1: Purchase an iPad

Step 2: Install all your “bragging” photos on the device

Step 3: Install the Jack and the Beanstalk app

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David Letterman’s “Top Ten Excuses of the Guy Who Lost the iPhone Prototype”

On Wednesday night, David Letterman’s Top Ten list was dedicated to the guy who lost the 4G iPhone prototype. The phone was later found and sold to Gizmodo. Some of the excuses Letterman thought the Apple engineer who lost the iPhone should use:

“Couldn’t call Apple for help because I lost my iPhone.”

“Thought there was an app that would wisk [sic] it back to my house.”

“At least I didn’t lose my finger like that iPad guy.”

“It didn’t work anyway — it uses AT&T.”

What’s more entertaining than his Top Ten list is watching Letterman’s little rant about his utter disdain for the iPhone prototype story. “This comes under the category for me of ‘who cares’,” Letterman said. “Honestly, I just couldn’t care less about this.”