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Motorola vs. Apple: Who’s the better mudslinger?

Is it just me, or is the battle of the smartphones starting to feel like a presidential election?

Think about it: We have a couple of high-profile candidates vying for voters’ support (in this analogy, your buying dollar serves as your ballot). Each candidate has his own set of lofty promises, and each candidate is doing whatever it takes to convince you he’s the one for the job. And naturally, each side has its own following of loyal and tough-to-sway supporters.
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Froyo coming to Evo 4G on Tuesday, Sprint confirms

Android 2.2 update includes Flash support, app storage on external devices

Froyo, the Android 2.2 update, will come to the HTC Evo 4G smartphone starting Tuesday, Sprint confirmed, bringing support for Flash video and external storage of applications, among other features.

The Evo 4G smartphone will be the first to get the so-called Froyo update, though the OS update is expected soon on other recently-released Android devices such as the Droid X. Its rollout has been followed with excitement by Android early-adopters on forums and blogs. Read the rest of this entry »

Holy Froyo! Lots of new Android 2.2 info

After weeks of waiting, the gates to Froyo are finally starting to open.

Sprint shattered the silence this week by announcing the availability of Android 2.2 for its HTC EVO 4G Android phone. The news marks the first major Froyo development since Google’s Nexus One received its Android 2.2 upgrade last month.

While Sprint may be the first carrier out of the gates, it certainly won’t be the last — in fact, other phones’ Froyo upgrades are likely right around the corner. Here’s the lowdown on everything new with Android 2.2.
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‘Unhackable’ Android phone can be hacked

Black Hat told that applications can steal data and – worse – take over the Android phones completely

Once thought to be unhackable, the Android phone is anything but, according to researchers presenting at Black Hat 2010.

Not only has suspect software cloaked in a wallpaper application gathered personal information from infected phones and sent it to a Web site in China, but researchers from Lookout Mobile Security have found a way to take the phones over completely – including top-of-the-line models hawked by major wireless carriers.

In one presentation, Lookout’s CEO John Herring said the Jackeey Wallpaper app, which has been downloaded millions of times, can gather a device’s phone number, subscriber identifier, and currently programmed voicemail number.
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Kin and Android: A tale of two phones

Why is it that Google thrives in the Internet-connected and mobile world, while Microsoft still can’t find success? A look at the fates of Microsoft’s failed Kin phone and thriving phones based on Google’s Android operating system provides some insight.

Interestingly, the Kin and Android have their roots in technology created by the same person, Andy Rubin. Rubin co-founded a company called Danger, which developed the groundbreaking Sidekick phone. Rubin ended up leaving Danger in 2004. In 2008, Microsoft, looking to jump-start its struggling mobile business, bought Danger for a reported $500 million. The idea was to build a Microsoft phone based on the Sidekick.
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Review: Hulu Plus Takes Television to Your Pocket

Hulu, the popular website with TV shows, now comes as a subscription-based application for iPhones and iPads. Although it isn’t perfect, it works well enough that it may make you wonder if the TV’s reign as the center of family life is coming to an end.

Instead of gathering to turn our faces to the blue glow of the living-room set, maybe we’ll curl up, each in our own little world, with a phone or tablet in our lap. They don’t look as good as HDTVs, but we won’t have to fight over remotes any more. An iPhone held 7.5 inches from my eye looks just as big as a 46-inch TV, 10 feet away.
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T-Mobile tops AT&T, Verizon and Sprint in customer care rankings

J.D. Power study relied on input from some 10,000 wireless users that recently contacted customer service departments

T-Mobile USA topped other top U.S. wireless carriers in providing overall customer care during the first half of this year, according to a J.D. Power and Associates report released today.

The eighth annual U.S. Wireless Customer Care Performance Study is based on a survey of 9,690 wireless customers who had contacted their carrier’s customer service department over the past six months.

T-Mobile finished with a ranking of 777 out of a 1,000-point scale that rates overall customer care. The industry average, according to the survey, is 753. Read the rest of this entry »

Hands on with Amazon’s zippy, alluring Kindle

The latest Kindle is sleeker, lighter, and better designed. In other words, a winner.

It didn’t take long to realize that this Kindle was unlike any other I’d handled before — including the new Kindle DX (Graphite). Maybe 20 seconds, tops. Never mind the obvious giveaways — smaller size, less wasted real estate around the edges, new button design, new color. As soon as I took the Kindle in hand, I knew that this Kindle marked new territory.

The third-generation Kindle comes in two versions: The Kindle Wi-Fi costs $139, while the Kindle, which has both Wi-Fi and 3G, costs $189, the same as the 3G-only Kindle 2 cost previously.
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