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Due to a death in the family I will not be doing posts until the end of the week or possibly next week. Thanks to all the faithful and I will be back up and running soon. 9-17-10 Hands on Videos: Samsung Galaxy Tab, Tips to Save Android Battery Life Samsung officially unvieled the Galaxy Tab tablet in New York last night, 10 tips to improve battery life i Android phones, Good security tools now support Verizon Wireless Android products, Update: No Froyo for Droid Eris Verizon Wireless confirms, To reiterate, no Windows 7 at Verizon Wireless until 2011

Update: No Froyo for Droid Eris, Verizon confirms

Angry customers want to know their options

Verizon Wireless confirmed Thursday that the Android 2.2 update known as Froyo will not be made available for the Droid Eris smartphone, outraging some customers.

Rumors that the Eris, built by HTC, would not be updated with Froyo started circulating in June, but as other phones running earlier versions of the Android operating system began getting the update, Eris customers became restless to find out if they would get the features provided in the update, such as Flash support.
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To Reiterate, No Windows 7 at VZW Until 2011

Reports surfaced yesterday that Verizon Wireless will wait until 2011 to release a Microsoft Windows Phone 7 device, but as it turns out, that’s right in line with what the carrier planned for some time now.

Verizon never had plans to carry a Phone 7 device any sooner than 2011, sources say. A report filed by PC World back in July indicated as much; it cited an AT&T spokeswoman who said that AT&T would be the “premier carrier for Windows Phone 7.”

While nothing’s been confirmed on when AT&T’s iPhone exclusivity will come to an end, rumors have increased in recent months that a Verizon iPhone is in the works, leaving room for more Android and Windows 7 devices at AT&T.

Microsoft’s Windows Mobile OS has been in desperate need of a revamp for some time now. According to comScore, Microsoft’s Windows Mobile only accounted for 11.8 percent of total U.S. smartphone subscribers in the three-month period ending in July.

Samsung unveils ‘Tab’ the tablet

Samsung Telecommunications America threw its hat officially in the tablet space with the unveiling of its creatively named Galaxy Tab. (Not to be confused with Tab, the diet soft drink.)

The device is an expansion (literally) of its Galaxy S smart phone platform that launched earlier this year. Both platforms run Google Inc.’s Android operating system, with the Tab launching the 2.2 version of the OS when it begins shipping later this year. This will allow the device to access all the cool strobe light applications available through the Android Market.

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Improve Android battery life: Here’s how

Android phones can do all sorts of cool stuff, but it’s practically inevitable: Some nights, you’re left disappointed and wishing your device could last just a little bit longer. (Hey, they say it happens to everyone once in a while. And yes, we’re still talking about phones.)

If your Android phone’s stamina isn’t all that it could be, there’s no need to fret: A few simple steps can boost your battery performance and help you get more out of each charge.

So grab your metaphorical stethoscope and get ready. It’s time for us to play Android battery doctor.
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Good security tools now support Verizon Android phones

Verizon says security, management tool set is upgraded to support its network specifications

Verizon Wireless today announced that Android smartphones using its network can now use Good Technology’s security and management software.

Good had announced last December that its security and management software could run on Android devices, but Verizon said today that only now does it meet Verizon’s network specifications.

Verizon isn’t selling the Good Technology software, a Verizon spokeswoman said.
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Verizon to light up LTE network in 30 “NFL cities” this year

We already knew Verizon was planning to hit one third of the country with LTE this year with plans to expand dramatically after that, but things are starting to come into sharper focus: the carrier today said that it’ll light up 30 “NFL cities” with 4G by the end of the year. Now, there’s only 32 teams, so it shouldn’t be too hard to figure out where that’s going to be — and considering the plan is to hit “major metropolitan areas,” we’ll go ahead and guess Green Bay isn’t on the list, even though the Packers are by far the best team in the league. (Buffalo and Jacksonville also spring to mind — and let’s not forget that the NFL still isn’t in LA, despite Ari Gold’s best fictional efforts on Entourage.) The plan is to first upgrade each cell site’s backhaul connection to Gigabit Ethernet so they’ll have the necessary bandwidth to support the 5-12Mbps down and 2-5Mbps up speeds with 30-150ms latency promised for Big Red’s LTE network at launch. Ambitious, but hey — we’d love nothing more than to be streaming the Super Bowl over LTE when all’s said and done.

Update: As many of our beloved commenters have pointed out, there are technically only 30 NFL markets, as New York has the Giants and Jets and the Raiders and 49ers play across the bay from each other. LTE for everyone, then? We’ll have to wait and see — and we’ve got a feeling a few Oakland residents might take offense at being lumped in with their neighbors across the bridge.