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Bill 10-27-10 Videos:Check your data usage on iPhone, B&N announce “Nook Color” Great video on checking you data usage on both your iPhone and iPad to determine which data plan is best for you, Barnes and Noble announce the new “Nook Color” adds “tablet” features, T-Mobile to sell Galaxy Tab on November 11th for $400 with 2 year contract

Checking the data usage on your iPhone

B&N adds tablet features to new Nook Color e-reader

On Tuesday Barnes and Noble introduced the Nook Color, an e-book reader with a 7-in. LCD color touch screen that’s built on Google’s Android OS.

Barnes & Noble on Tuesday introduced an e-book reader called Nook Color, which will allow users to view color e-books and access social media applications on the Internet.

The device combines the simplicity of a wireless e-reader with tablet functionality, said William Lynch, CEO of Barnes & Noble, during a launch event for the device in New York. The next big step in e-books has been color, and users and publishers have asked for it, he said.
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T-Mobile to sell Galaxy Tab on Nov. 10 for $400, 2-year contract

T-Mobile beats Verizon to the punch by a day and Sprint Nextel by four days

T-Mobile USA today said it will offer the Samsung Galaxy Tab computer Nov. 10, just a bit before other major U.S. carriers, for $399.99 after rebate and with a two-year service agreement.

Verizon Wireless last week announced a Nov. 11 sales date for the 7-inch device, while Sprint Nextel on Monday announced a Nov. 14 sales date.

T-Mobile’s pricing is similar to Sprint’s, with a $399.99 price and a two-year contract. Verizon will sell the Galaxy for $599.99 without a contract. Read the rest of this entry » 10-26-10 Verizon Trade in program, Ballmer loses bonus, Outlook apps upgrade Verizon announces trade-in/recycling program to earn gift cards, Steve Ballmer from Microsoft loses out on half his bonus, Outlook upgrades its App program, MetroPCS releases LTE in Dallas, T-Mobile adds HSPA+ to more cities and announces the new myTouch HSPA+ phone

T-Mobile Adds HSPA+ Markets, New myTouch

T-Mobile USA today announced a new Android-powered myTouch smartphone and the expansion into more markets with its HSPA+ technology, adding cities like Denver, San Francisco and Phoenix to the footprint.

T-Mobile says the latest myTouch was designed to deliver “4G speeds” on T-Mobile’s network, even though HSPA+ is not technically considered a 4G technology. Other operators, like Clearwire and Sprint, also call their services “4G,” but mobile WiMAX isn’t a standards-defined 4G service, either. Neither is LTE, which Verizon Wireless plans to commercially launch before the end of the year. Read the rest of this entry »

MetroPCS Intros LTE In Dallas

Long-term evolution service plans priced at $55 or $60 a month, which includes voice calls, texting, and unlimited 4G web.

MetroPCS Communications launched its long-term evolution (LTE) wireless service Wednesday in familiar territory — Dallas, near the company’s headquarters. The prepaid carrier debuted the service last week in Las Vegas, the first commercial LTE service site in the United States.

The Dallas service, which the firm said would overlay the majority of its existing CDMA network footprint in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, is offered with Samsung’s Craft smartphone. Samsung Telecommunications America is also located in metropolitan Dallas.
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Verizon Wireless launches recycling/trade-in program

Users can earn gift cards, and donate old phones to Verizon’s HopeLine program that provides devices to victims of domestic violence

Verizon Wireless Friday launched a wireless device trade-in program, offering users a convenient way to recycle old gear — and get a gift card if the product retains any residual value.

Under the Verizon Wireless Trade-In Program, customers submit details about their device online and then receive a postage-paid envelope to mail it to the company, Verizon said. The device can be from any wireless vendor, Verizon said.

Customers may receive a Verizon Wireless gift card by mail if the device has value, based on its make, model and condition. The card can be used to purchase a new phone or accessory, or to pay a Verizon Wireless bill.

Even if there is no appraised value, the device can be sent to the company for recycling.

Verizon customers also have the option of donating old devices to Verizon’s HopeLine initiative, which was started in 2001 to recycle older phones and give some refurbished ones to victims of domestic violence.

HopeLine has collected some 7 million phones, 90,000 of which have been distributed with free wireless service. In addition, Verizon has donated nearly $8 million in cash grants to groups working to prevent domestic violence.

HopeLine estimates it has properly disposed of 1.6 million wireless phones that could no longer be used, keeping 200 tons of electronics and batteries out of landfills.

Microsoft’s Ballmer loses big bonus over Kin, phone, tablet failures

Microsoft’s annual proxy filing to the SEC shows that Ballmer didn’t exactly receive a ringing endorsement from the company’s compensation committee. He only received half of his possible bonus due to failures related to the Kin, mobile phones, and tablets.

According to the the filing Ballmer was eligible for a bonus this past year of between 0% and 200% of his base $675,000 salary. He received 100% — not exactly a ringing endorsement.

On the positive side of Ballmer’s ledger, the filing cited a series of successes, including the launches of Windows 7, Office 2010, Bing, Windows Server, and SQL Server. It also noted “progress pursing new innovations that will position the Company to lead the transformation to the cloud (Azure and Office Web Apps) in active gaming (Kinect), and in other product areas in which work is well underway.” Read the rest of this entry »