12-27-10 Video: Google Nexus S vs. Apple iPhone 4, No Froyo for Epic Yet Google Nexus S vs. Apple iPhone 4 dogfight video, Samsung Epic 4G did not get Froyo on Sunday December 26th as originally reported.

Google Nexus S vs. Apple iPhone 4 Dogfight Pt. 1&2

It’s a Dogfight review between two of the best smartphones on the market – the Google Nexus S and the Apple iPhone 4. The Nexus S offers a 1 GHz processor, 4-inch Super AMOLED display, and a 5-megapixel camera, while the iPhone 4 offers a 3.5-inch display, 5-megapixel camera, and iOS 4.2.

Both are great devices in their respective categories, but of course, only one can win the Dogfight. We’ll take a look at both to determine the age old wireless question: Android or iOS?

Samsung Epic 4G not getting Froyo on Dec. 26th after all?

Via Brief Mobile, The Droid Guy

Just a few days ago, we learned that the Samsung Epic 4G could be getting a late holiday gift in the form of Android 2.2 on December 26th. It seems that things may have changed, though, as Brief Mobile and The Droid Guy are reporting that the Epic’s Froyo upgrade isn’t going to take place on Sunday. According to their sources, the DL11 Android 2.2 update is still “on hold,” and the only release info available right now is that the upgrade will arrive some time in the “near future.”

If true, this is pretty disappointing news for Epic owners that thought they were finally going to be freed from the shackles of Android 2.1. Not all hope of seeing a Galaxy S device get 2.2 before the end of 2010 is lost, though, as a leaked document showed that Verizon’s Fascinate may soon get a new, tasty Froyo treat. For now, we’ll have to continue to sit, wait, and hope. Maybe Samsung will make a New Year’s resolution to speed up the update process for their handsets? 12-22-10 Epic 4G Finally Getting Froyo, Sprint 4G Hitting San Francisco Bay Area Study finds several popular iPhone and Android apps secretly transmitting user data to advertisers, Samsung Epic 4G getting post Christmas Froyo treat on December 26th, Sprint 4G going live in San Francisco bay area on December 28th, Facebook for iPhone updates with new notification user interface and bug fixes. Thank you for a great 2010!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just wanted to thank everyone who has followed, subscribed, friended and shared comments with me this year. Many of you have been with me since I started in April. I am looking to having a lot more fun and giving out more info in 2011. Special thanks to Amir, my #1 fan. Most special thanks to Josh for getting me going.

Study finds several popular apps secretly transmitting user data to advertisers

Usually if an application wants to transmit data to an outside source, you have to give it permission to do so. According to a new report from the Wall Street Journal, though, some rather popular apps have been violating the privacy of users and secretly transmitting data to advertisers. After testing 101 popular iPhone and Android apps, including Pandora and MySpace, the WSJ found that over half sent unique device identifiers (UDID) to advertisers, with some apps even transmitting the user’s gender, age, and location. The good news is that the information was usually sent in large, anonymous batches, meaning that it could be tough to single out one particular person’s data.

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Samsung Epic 4G getting post-Christmas Froyo treat?

We’re horrible at getting gifts and cards to their recipients on time, usually showing up in mailboxes at least a day late. Samsung, it seems, is in a similar boat with its Epic 4G. According to Phone Arena, Android 2.2.1 (you know, Froyo) will begin rolling out to the handset on December 26. For real this time. Like, really real. Given all that history we’re a little bit skeptical about this happening on that date, but don’t let that stop you from setting some milk and cookies next to your charging stand on the 26th. Worst case: morning cookies for you on the 27th!

Sprint 4G going live in San Francisco Bay Area on Dec. 28th

The holidays are coming and the year is almost over, but Sprint has at least one more expansion planned for their WiMAX network before 2010 is up. Sprint announced today that they’ll be lighting up San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, the Silicon Valley, and “other areas” with WiMAX goodness on December 28th, just like we’ve heard in the past. To coincide with the announcement, Sprint has delivered a brief video touting their 4G network and just how it works. Check out both the clip and the press release down below.
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Facebook for iPhone updated with new notification UI, bug fixes

Facebook has yet again released an update for their iPhone and iPod touch application, this time with some long overdue UI improvements as well as bug fixes.

* Improved reliability in chat and messages
* Improved notifications UI
* Fixed memory usage
* Fixed some crashes
* Walls you cannot post on no longer show the text field at the top
* Restore ability to post as a page that you admin
* Fixed group photos
* Various Places improvements

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