Video: Verizon HTC Thundebolt Unboxed, Samsung Continuum Software Update 1-31-11 Video from website TechnoBuffalo of the Verizon HTC Thunderbolt unboxing, Verizon Wireless still ahead of AT&T in total customers and total connects, How Apple and Google will kill the password, Samsung Continuum gets software update but along with the update is an automatic download of V Cast apps.

HTC ThunderBolt Unboxing

Downloaded from TechnoBuffalo

The HTC Thunderbolt was perhaps the biggest star of Verizon’s grand CES showing, and now its getting closer to a rumored February release date with an unofficial unboxing. This is clearly not the retail packaging, but having opened up my fair share of phones, I can tell you the nondescript white box is typical of an HTC sent review unit. We usually see these start to filter out to press a few weeks before a public release, so you Verizon customer have some serious decisions coming up. The unboxer ‘Michael’ shows the incredibly fast bootup times, walks us through the new HTC Sense, and gives a brief tour of the device we already previewed. As a refresher, the Thunderbolt is rocking:

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Verizon Wireless still ahead of AT&T in apples-to-apples customer comparison

Computerworld AT&T’s 95.5M subscribers actually compares with Verizon’s 102.2M- What is a wireless subscriber? And what is a wireless customer? The difference is important when it comes to the two largest U.S. wireless carriers.

On Thursday, AT&T reported for its fourth quarter that it had added 2.8 million “total wireless subscribers” to reach 95.5 million subscribers by the end of 2010.

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How Apple and Google will kill the password

Prediction: Your phone is about to become a universal biometric ID and debit card

Computerworld – Imagine sitting down at a public PC, surfing the Web, visiting Facebook, checking your online bank account and buying something on — all without entering passwords or credit card information.

It gets better. You get up and leave without even logging out. Some shady criminal type sits down at the same PC and finds his attempts at cracking your password foiled at every turn. Your accounts can’t be accessed because your phone is no longer on the desk.

It gets better still. Hop in your car and press the “Start” button — no key necessary. The car knows it’s you after you wave your phone over the dashboard, and it adjusts the driver’s seat and steering wheel just for you.

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Samsung Continuum gets software update, V CAST Apps along for the ride

Posted from Engadget

Seriously, Continuum owners, you couldn’t have possibly thought you dodged this bullet, right? Big Red’s pushing an update today that’s kind of a double-edged sword; on the one hand, you get a boatload of bug fixes to visual voicemail, messaging, WeatherBug, and more. But on the other hand, the update will automatically install V CAST Apps, Verizon’s app store, whether you like it or not. We’d like the option of choosing an update either with or without additional software on carrier-branded phones these days — but we suppose we can understand the complexities of forking updates like that. At any rate, this one’s over the air, so expect a notification from Verizon on your phone shortly.

1G to 4G What Is It? Who Had It? Where’s It Going? 1-28-11 This is my first full length article that I wrote from scratch. I take you through the cellular generations from 1 to 4 and then go in depth as to what is going on with 4G, Android Power JR Raphael talks about Honeycomb, the Facebook phone, AT&T’s math in counting customer and more.

From 1G to 4G: What is it? Who has it? Where is it going?

By Bill Greenberg January, 28th, 2011

The chart to the left represent maximum “average” download speeds. Later in the article you will see “absolute” maximum download speeds. AT&T 4G is the same as T-Mobile.

Since it is the hot topic, let’s start with an introduction to 4G. What is 4G? Basically it is the 4th generation of the cellular system (sort of). There was 1G (analog), 2G (the first digital), 3G (the next digital and the start of data) and now 4G. The “sort of” I mentioned comes into play here. 1G, 2G and 3G were and are used for voice (talking). 2G and 3G were and are also used for voice and data. 4G is only being used for data (texting, browsing the web, applications, etc.) and not voice. So this is where some of the confusion has occurred.

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Android Power Round: Honeycomb, Facebook phones, and AT&T’s shady math

A taste of Honeycomb? Check. A phony Facebook phone? You betcha. There’s been no shortage of buzz-worthy Android news these past several days — and we’ve got all the highlights.

Yes, friends, it’s time for a fresh and zesty new version of the Android Power Round, our fast-paced and light-hearted look at the week’s most interesting Android developments.

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5 fresh Android apps to make your phone do more

In the world of Android, evolution moves at a breakneck pace. There are new phones launching every month and new Android upgrades always on the horizon. When you’ve had the same handset for a year or two, it’s easy to start feeling like you’re stuck in a rut.

The good news: You don’t have to stick with the same ol’ routine. A few fresh apps can go a long way in breathing new life into your phone. And hey, we’re at the start of a new year — so what better time to expand your Android experience?

Here are five new Android apps worth checking out.

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