Hi, my name is Bill Greenberg. I am the chief everything officer at PhoneScholar.com. PhoneScholar.com is an information website about cellular and wireless products. I know what you are thinking or saying “do we really need another one of those”? Well, the answer is OF COURSE since I decided to make one. Actually, all the other sites are really wonderful. The only drawback is that they tend to get way to technical and confusing. What I am trying to do it make this information as simple as possible and at the same time try to throw in a little humor. As we roll along you will see links for products that I have researched and feel comfortable passing on to you to possibly purchase. Of course the more you purchase the more I can put into the website to make it “totally awesome” (yes, I do make some commission if and when you purchase products through the links I have here). Another huge advantage to PhoneScholar.com is that when new products come out, like the iPad, there are a ton of articles on a ton of websites. What I do is try to put as many articles as I can on the hot products for you to link to and read instead of having to navigate from one site to the other. There will also be a daily video blog of the “hot” topics of the day along with the full article posted (pretty neat huh?). Lastly and most important, I want you to be involved. Please check out the various feedback links throughout the site and feel free to click on them and reply at anytime. I will also try to answer questions you have through the blogs. Please email me at blogquestions@phonescholar.com Please enjoy the site, have some fun and maybe learn a little.

Please make sure to scroll to the bottom of the page to see the Quotes and Observations. I will change these periodically.