Toshiba Tablet vs Motorola Xoom

One of my viewers/readers phillipah7 asked me to do a comparison between the Motorola Xoom tablet and the Toshiba Tablet (yes, snappy name that I am sure they will be changing before launch). This lead me to a great disappointment. I recorded a fantastic interview with Toshiba that I realized I never posted and seem to have deleted it from my camera. So I have posted the Xoom video I did at CES and one for the Toshiba from So here is the comparison according to me (I love writing my own articles) :-) .

Both tablets will have the following:

Dual-Core Nvidia Tegra 2 1 Ghz processors
10.1 inch 1280×800 resolution displays (the iPad is 1024×768)
10 finger multi-touch display
2mp front facing camera
5mp rear facing camera
Android 3.0 Honeycomb OS
Rubberized easy grip surface
Wi-Fi and 3G capability

Here’s where they differ:


Removable back which will also allow multiple color options
Removable/replaceable battery
Adaptive Display Tech-Automatically adjusts displays brightness and color to light environment
Toshiba Resolution+ Video Enhancements-improved color, contrast and sharpness-gives standard definition video a more high definition look
Toshiba Sound Enhancement-boost audio, more robust sound
Full size HDMI port
Full and mini USB ports
Full size SD slot


Will be released first
Upgradeable to 4G/LTE
Dual LED flash
Micro SD slot
Micro HDMI port

So which one, well the Toshiba does have the advantage of having some of the Toshiba television technology incorporated into it. Side by side I would probably say there will be a visual and sound difference. Also the biggie…a removable back to you can change out the battery. No more sending it in to get the battery fixed or replaced and waiting to get it back. I like this.

The Motorola will be released first for those of you who can not wait. It will also have a flash for the rear camera and will be upgradeable to the 4G/LTE when available. Since they are slated to be released 3-6 months apart it is tough to say. If you can wait, I would to get a better side by side comparison. Of course, the Blackberry, iPad 2 and others will also probably be out to totally confuse us. Good luck and please give me any feedback you might have.

  • Skoiumai

    Nice but what about weight and ALL dimensions like thickness?

  • Blogquestions

    There have been no published specs of the Toshiba Tablet that I can find. I did send a message to my Toshiba contact. If I get those I will post them. Here are the Xoom specs: 9.80 x 6.61 x 0.51 Weight: 25.75 Oz (just under 2 lbs).

  • 0845 numbers

    I am sure there have been a lot of test out there on battery life on both machines but we only here praises for the Xoom when both tablets have about the same battery life. In my normal everyday used of the tablets I had to charge my Toshiba before I did my Xoom.

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