Testing finds HSPA+ speeds still no match for LTE

While some operators are looking to HSPA+ as an alternative to LTE, independent testing from Spirent and Signals Research finds that HSPA+ speeds aren’t quite as fast as advertised.

Spirent Communications and Signals Research have put to the test recent industry claims that high-speed packet access plus can deliver comparable download speeds to 4G technologies, and they’ve concluded that HSPA+ may not be as fast as its proponents claim. Testing currently available HSPA+ chipsets over live HSPA+ networks, Spirent and Signals found that while HSPA+ can deliver tremendous amounts of bandwidth under certain static conditions, as subscribers become more mobile, download speeds quickly drop off, leaving them with connections significantly slower than those anticipated on the first long-term evolution networks.
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T-Mobile USA pushes past 30M pops covered with HSPA+

The smallest of the wireless industry’s nationwide operators continues to pressure its larger rivals rolling out its HSPA+ network in a number of densely populated markets in the Northeast, including New York City; parts of New Jersey; areas of upstate New York; Connecticut; and Providence, R.I.; as well as in Memphis, Tenn., and Las Vegas. The newly available markets join previous launches in Philadelphia and the Washington, D.C. area.
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Network Speeds: Different Strokes

The next few years are going to be a wild ride for networks. AT&T now has HSPA 7.2, Verizon Wireless is

moving to LTE, T-Mobile is pushing ahead with HSPA+ and Sprint and Clearwire are expanding their WiMAX network.
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Google Quits Fix for Spotty 3G on Nexus One

Google is apparently over it when it comes to the Nexus One’s reported spotty 3G connection. According to Ry Guy, a Google employee who commented on the company’s Nexus One forum, Google is calling the Nexus One all good and getting on with it.

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PhoneScholar.com Video Blog 4-19-10

Today I talk about VZW VS. AT&T ads, The Microsoft Kin, Twitter and the White House, Verizon and Sprint beefing up their call centers, iPad 3G launch date

Report: Sprint, VZW Carry More Data Than AT&T

The following articles is from Wireless Week. Once again, some more confusion on the comparison of the data networks. AT&T is advertising the fastest 3G network (please remember they are actually talking about the maximum speed bursts may be faster than what Verizon’s fastest speed bursts are). This may one of the reason why they are faster. Less people equals less traffic to slow down the network. Is that actually the answer, who knows? The last line of this article sums it up pretty well. -Bill PhoneScholar.com

So much for blaming AT&T’s poor network performance on the iPhone. ABI Research today released a report that says of the big three major carriers in the United States, AT&T actually saw the least amount of data traffic. Verizon Wireless and Sprint each carried over 16 billion more megabytes of mobile network data than AT&T in 2009, the firm says.
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