Time Inc. in iPad Deal With Apple

Time Inc., the country’s largest magazine publisher, has reached a deal with Apple Inc. to make all its iPad editions free for print subscribers, marking a break in the impasse between publishers and Apple and lending support to Time’s contention that it’s business-as-usual after the ouster of its chief executive.
Time Inc.

Starting Monday, subscribers to Sports Illustrated, Time and Fortune magazines will be able to access the iPad editions via the apps, which will be able to authenticate them as subscribers. Time Inc.’s People magazine already had such an arrangement, but readers of most publications have had to pay separately for the iPad version regardless of their subscriber status.

Via: Wall Street Journal

Steve Jobs’ Android jabs may cost him App Store trademark









From JR Raphael at Computerworld

I was actually not going to report anything on this story. There are so many lawsuits going on out there that it just was getting too hard to pick which ones to report and which ones not to. Then my buddy (no, he does not even know me but I just enjoy his work so much) put out this article about the Amazon-Apple App Store lawsuit. Sit back, relax and enjoy.-Bill

Quick: When you hear the phrase “app store,” what’s the first thing that comes to mind?

That’s the question a couple of tech’s biggest players — Apple and Amazon — are fighting over right now. Apple says “app store” is synonymous with its iOS App Store alone; Amazon says the term is generic and can be used by anyone.

You’ve heard about this battle, right? Apple is suing Amazon for using the term “app store” (or, more specifically, “Appstore”) in the name of its new Android application store. Apple claims it owns the trademark and has exclusive rights to the term.
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White iPhone Arrives Tomorrow

Release the pigeons and let the trumpets sound. There has not been this much anticipation for a release since Chinese Democracy was finally released by Guns & Roses. The white iPhone 4 is actually coming to a store near you tomorrow in all its versions (Wi-Fi, AT&T 3G and Verizon 3G). So for those of you who stood fast and stayed strong it is your time. Go, go to the store or online and claim your reward. Enjoy the sweet victory of success. Yes, I have gone off the deep end but announcements like this just can’t be passed on silently. Oh, the official Apple press release is below.

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Apple Finally Responds To “TrackingGate”

Over the past few days there has been a lot of brew-ha-ha over TrackingGate (I made this one up. Maybe it will start a life of its own like AntennaGate did). After is was discovered that the iPad and iPhone were tracking up to a years worth of user location data and storing it on the devices and consequentially syncing it to the computer many people including congress ware questioning Steve Jobs and Apple as to why is was storing and if it was why was it not encrypted. Here is the press release from Apple explaining it all. Of course they deny that they are tracking however it does seem odd that they are pushing software updates to both limit and encrypt the data. Sound a bit fishy? What do you think?

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fring launches World’s 1st Group Video Calls on iPhone & Android

Have you ever been sitting in your room all alone and said “You know I wish I could talk to 3 other people at the same time and also see what they are doing?” Well, fring’s Group Video Calling brings 4 friends together at the same time, anywhere, 4 free. Check out the video above and the press release below.

London, United Kingdom, 27 April 2011. fring, the mobile communication service that pioneered mobile video over internet calls in 2009, today announces the world’s first mobile group video calls for iPhone & Android devices.

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See what you’re missing with new Qik Video Connect apps:Live iPhone-to-Android video chat and much more!











Have you been asking “when will I be able to do video chat with my Android device and call my iPhone 4 friends?” Well, now you can. Qik video connect not only lets certain Android phones do this you can also send a video mail. Check out the release from Qik below.

We’re excited to announce Qik Video Connect—a new version of Qik for Android and an update to the latest Qik iPhone app. Qik Video Connect has lots of great new features and one incredible capability—live video chat with friends across Android phones and iPhones!
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Apple vs. Android location tracking: Time for some truth

Story by JR Raphael from Computerworld. Check out Windows Phone 7 is safer than iOS, Android when it comes to mobile phone tracking related story.

Smartphone location tracking is stirring up quite the controversy right now. It’s no surprise: A report issued last week alerted us to the fact that Apple’s iPhones and iPads are quietly recording users’ locations and saving the data to unencrypted files. The files live on the devices and are also copied over to PCs during iTunes synchronization. They’re apparently even preserved and restored if a user migrates to a new device.

The problem here isn’t simply that the gadgets are accessing location data, of course; most of us know that that’s a possibility if we choose to use location-based smartphone services. The problem is that Apple’s devices appear to be collecting and storing this info — lots of it — in ways users aren’t aware of. And, even more concerning, iPhones and iPads are logging the data even when users have opted out of location tracking, according to an investigation published by The Wall Street Journal.
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iPad 2 vs. BlackBerry Playbook

RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook has finally hit store shelves, and it’s time for the inevitable comparisons to begin. While there are several tablets for it to compete with in the market already, of course the first one everyone will think of is Apple’s iPad 2 as it currently is the dominant player.
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Samsung sues Apple, alleging patent infringements

Samsung Electronics has launched a legal counterattack against Apple, filing lawsuits in three countries in which it claims that Apple infringed on Samsung patents on smartphone technologies. Last week, Apple had sued Samsung, claiming that features in its Galaxy smartphone and Galaxy Tab tablet PC were copied from Apple’s iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone.

On Thursday, the South Korean electronics giant filed suits against Apple in three cities: Seoul, where it charged Apple with five patent infringements; Tokyo, where it charged Apple with two patent infringements; and Manheim, Germany, where it charged Apple with three patent infringements.
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Apple gets smart with iPhone 5: the strategy guide

From Russia we have additional confirmation of this morning’s Reuters claim that the Apple [AAPL] iPhone 5 won’t hit the shops until September, as we already knew. So how will Apple maintain sales momentum and land a killer blow against the Android menace? Focused sales efforts in growth areas along with strategic price changes, that’s how.
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