Even More Plus Unlimited Plan Canceled

Unfortunately there is some bad news for Even More Plus customers this afternoon as we just received word that the EM+ Unlimited Plan scheduled for launch at $59.99 has been canceled. For reasons unknown T-Mobile has decided not to offer the plan at this time. It was rumored to be a *very* quiet launch for the EM+ plan and as it turns out, it’s one of those things that never materialized from rumor (even so T-Mobile announced it in a press release) to reality.

In any event, the Even More plan launched this morning and is ripe for the taking!

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T-Mobile Announces New 10GB Data Plan

T-Mobile today announced a new 10GB cellular data plan for heavy modem and tablet users, but obsessive downloaders will pay a high price of $84.99 per month.

As wireless carriers have sped up their networks, data caps have remained firmly in place. The industry standard is 5GB, after which you’re either charged overage or your speed gets choked down for the rest of the month. Fast new networks make it easier to reach that cap; we once proved that in an extreme circumstance, you can download 5GB with Verizon’s new LTE network in 32 minutes. Of the major wireless carriers, only Sprint, on its 4G WiMAX network, currently offers a truly unlimited laptop modem plan.
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Poll: 30% of Younger Drivers Text At the Wheel

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood has stepped up his fight against distracted driving with alarming new statistics from Consumer Reports and a public awareness campaign conducted together with the publication.

Car crashes are the leading cause of death for U.S. teenagers, who are involved in three times as many fatal crashes as all other drivers. The Transportation Department reports that about 5,500 people were killed and another half million were injured in 2009 during accidents related to distracted driving.

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Verizon tweaking low-end data plans, using ’3G’ distinction to upcharge for LTE

Well, that didn’t last very long at all: looks like Verizon is killing off its $15 150MB data plan for smartphones altogether, instead corralling folks into the $30 unlimited option. Of course, with the proliferation of data-hungry smartphone apps on Android (and soon, the iPhone), 250MB per month of usage is becoming less and less reasonable by the day, so we can’t say we’re terribly surprised. Meanwhile, the $9.99 25MB feature phone data option is getting a bump up to 75MB with $10 per 75MB overage, a slight drop from the 20 cent / MB overage that those customers deal with currently. Finally, you’ll notice that the $30 unlimited plan is now qualified as applying to “feature phones and 3G smartphones,” not merely “smartphones” as they were before — a nod to the fact that Verizon’s upcoming LTE handsets won’t be eligible for the same pricing. What, did you think you were going to be blazing on your ThunderBolt at 20 or 30Mbps without a care in the world?

Verizon to begin offering discounts for smartphones users on family plans

Add a Smartphone on The Nation’s Largest and Most Reliable 3G Network and Save Big

Black Friday and the holiday shopping rush are right around the corner, and Verizon Wireless is giving customers an early incentive to share the nation’s largest and most reliable wireless voice and 3G data network. Beginning Nov. 19, customers can add a new 3G Smartphone on a secondary line and receive a credit equal to the cost of adding a line to a Nationwide Family SharePlan. The $9.99 monthly credit for the new line can save customers nearly $240 per line over the life of the two-year contract.

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T-Mobile’s New Data Plans Include Smartphone Tethering Option

T-Mobile introduced revised pricing for its data services today, including a $10 entry-level option and (limited) smartphone tethering for the first time.

Now that T-Mobile is boosting its 3G network to HSPA+ technology, it is finally offering the tethering service that so many smartphone users have longed for. T-Mobile now has two different data plans, with the tethering option available as an add on.

The first data plan is called the “Web – 200MB Plan” and it offers 200MB of data for $10 per month — if you’re willing to sign a contract. In an interesting twist, T-Mobile is also offering 200MB for $15 per month with no contractual obligation. The assumption is that for those who wish to extend an existing contract on a month-to-month basis, they can switch to the $15 plan if they want. Read the rest of this entry »

Mobile malware: You will be billed $90,000 for this call

Be it business or pleasure, most of us have our cell phones handy at all times. Those phones are full of vulnerabilities which are ripe for viruses. Some people change apps faster than their underwear; some of those apps act as a Trojan Horse carrying malicious code. Although some software security experts expect smartphones to be a tempting new target for hackers, F-Secure reported there haven’t been more than 500 mobile phone viruses so far. What do we have to thank for staving off the upcoming smartphone attacks? Windows XP. Read the rest of this entry »

In an Emergency, Why Cellular Data Is Better Than Voice

Back on September 11th 2001, terrorists flew two fully fueled planes into the World Trade Center. The result was catastrophic and forced people to jump to their death before eventually both buildings collapsed. I was there that day to experience it first hand. Other than proving that humans have a lot more evolving to do, the chaos it caused made a lot more people than usual use their cell phones. Because too many people were trying to make calls, the cellular towers in the area of the World Trade Center became saturated and a large portion of the voice calls could not be placed successfully. Read the rest of this entry »

Network Speeds: Different Strokes

The next few years are going to be a wild ride for networks. AT&T now has HSPA 7.2, Verizon Wireless is

moving to LTE, T-Mobile is pushing ahead with HSPA+ and Sprint and Clearwire are expanding their WiMAX network.
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PhoneScholar.com Video Blog 4-19-10

Today I talk about VZW VS. AT&T ads, The Microsoft Kin, Twitter and the White House, Verizon and Sprint beefing up their call centers, iPad 3G launch date