HTC EVO 3D available for preorder as part of super secret Best Buy presale

According to this memo that’s going around Best Buy, you’re not actually supposed to listen to anything we’re saying here. Because what do we know? We’re just a blog. (Or maybe they’re referring to that other blog.) But the fact remains that the
HTC EVO 3D — that’s the newfangled 3D-capable phone that we saw at CTIA — is available for preorder at Best Buy Mobile.

Here’s the deal: You’ve gotta ask for it. Best Buy isn’t actively promoting the presale, and there’s a good chance that there’s a secret handshake involved. (We tried this one.) But otherwise, it should be standard Best Buy preorder procedure: You fork over a little cash in exchange for a gift card and the promise of a phone once it’s released. You can then apply the gift card toward the total cost. As for when it’s coming? Still no word, other than this summer.

We’ve put word into our official Best Buy contacts for some official confirmation (you know, not from a blog), but we’ve also walked into a store and confirmed this for ourselves. So if you wanna preorder an HTC EVO 3D, go for it.

Via: Android Central

HTC EVO 3D Coming This Summer to Sprint?

Yesterday I had one of my viewers ask me why I have not talked about the EVO 3D. So I went into my Sprint and HTC archives looking for the video in which I talked about the announcement at the CTIA show this year to post for him to see. To my surprise, I had not covered the announcement of this phone. So, here it is (I have also given you a hands on video from Engadget at the CTIA show and the promo video from HTC above):

The EVO 3D is a non glasses 3D EVO “superphone” (it appears the phones with dual-core 1.2 GHz processors are falling into that group) from HTC. The specs:

4.3″ qHD display with 3D no glasses required-dual-core 1.2 GHz SnapDragon processor, Dual 5mp rear cameras with 1080p video capture in 2D and 720p in 3D, 1.3mp camera front-Dual LED flash-Newest version of HTC Sense that includes Active lockscreen, faster browsing and HTC Watch. To see all the specs and other cool stuff check out the HTC EVO 3D website.

It appears that the first versions are going to be released in France within the next month or so and a possible summer release here in the US.

CTIA Hit Orlando This Week Like a Hurricane. Some Amazing Products and Announcements

Hi all, this past week the CTIA (Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association, the International Association for Wireless Telecommunications Industry, basically the governing body for wireless communications) held its yearly spring convention in Orlando, Florida. Unfortunately, I was not able to go and give you a first hand account and look at all the new product and service announcements. So, I put together a summary of the companies that made the biggest splashes and the articles and videos I got them from (actually I drew from many articles but I have referenced the one article that I feel will give you the most info on the products). I know I normally don’t send you to link after link, however there was so much information that this article would have to be in two or three parts or 10 pages long. I figured it was better to give it to you all at once and you could peruse the products you had an interest in. The videos that are coming from YouTube will also give you the option of seeing more on the particular product.There will be some shockers (T-Mobile) and some “it’s about time”. Lastly, for that one person out there who knows who you are, I just want to say that there is no “cut and paste”. All this came from my little fingers. Please enjoy and let me know which of the new gadgets you think will be big winners.-Bill
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HTC EVO Shift 4G vs. Samsung Epic 4G Dogfight Pt. 1

It’s a dogfight review between two epic Sprint Android phones – the HTC EVO Shift 4G and the Samsung Epic 4G!

On the one hand, you have the HTC EVO Shift 4G, which is a toned down version of the original EVO 4G. Despite its smaller size, lack of front-facing camera, and lower resolution camera, it performs better in speed tests than the original model. Then you have the Epic 4G, an awesome high-end Android phone with a Super AMOLED display and a great physical QWERTY keyboard. They both have awesome qualities, but only one can win the dogfight. Which one will it be? Part 1 of 2.

HTC EVO Shift 4G vs. Samsung Epic 4G Dogfight Pt. 2

It’s a dogfight review between two fantastic Android phones on Sprint – the HTC EVO Shift 4G and the Samsung Epic 4G!

On the one hand, you have the HTC EVO Shift 4G, which is a QWERTY-fied version of the original EVO. Despite its smaller size, smaller display, and 5-megapixel camera (versus the 8MP shooter on the EVO), it performs better in speed tests than the original model. Then you have the Epic 4G, an awesome high-end Android phone that, despite having Android 2.1, offers a large Super AMOLED display and an awesome physical QWERTY board.

They’re both fantastic devices and could appeal to several demographics, but only one can win. Which will it be? Part 2 of 2.

Sprint Nextel reaches for ’4G’ device limelight

With Verizon Wireless (VZ) on deck to unveil a handful of LTE-equipped mobile devices at this week’s Consumer Electronics Show, Sprint Nextel Corp. (S) attempted to redirect some of that acclaim by announcing a third smart phone compatible with the carrier’s WiMAX-powered “4G” service.

The new device, HTC Corp.’s Evo Shift, looks to bring the name recognition of the carrier’s landmark Evo 4G device to a lower price point when it launches on Jan. 9. While the Evo 4G remains at $200 after all rebates, the Shift will be available for $150 after all rebates making it the lowest priced WiMAX-enabled smart phone in the carrier’s line up. Sprint Nextel also offers the $250 Samsung Telecommunications America’s Epic 4G.
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Radio Shack selling $99 EVO 4Gs with a trade-in, $80 myTouch 4Gs

Hey, EVO admirer: got a crappy phone you wouldn’t mind seeing disappear? You might want to consider bringing it down to Radio Shack, where a new promo running through Christmas will net you a shiny new EVO 4G for $99 on contract if you bring in “any working handset,” which should presumably include that dirt-encrusted StarTAC that’s stuck in that no-man’s land between “usable” and “collectible.” From an article over on TmoNews, looks like they’re also hawking you’re choice of a myTouch 4G or G2 or $79.99 on contract if T-Mobile’s more to your liking than Sprint (or if you don’t have WiMAX coverage in your neck of the woods). Even better, any new activation will apparently get you a free Bluetooth headset, so you’ll walk out of the store with a shiny new smartphone and a reason to keep it off your greasy face. Score!

Update: Did we say you needed a trade-in? You may be able to keep that StarTAC in the display case if you buy online, as we’re seeing the same magical $99 price for an EVO 4G at Radio Shack’s website. It comes with a Plantronics Explorer 240 and free shipping, too. Find it at our more coverage link.

HTC EVO 4G getting maintenance update to fix bugs, add apps

Ever since Google unveiled Gingerbread a couple of weeks ago, many Android owners have been waiting (im)patiently on the edge of their seats, wondering just when the update would come to their handset. EVO 4G owners, your time still hasn’t come, but you are getting a maintenance update! Update version 3.70.651.1 is being pushed over the air to EVOs as I type, and includes the following enhancements/bug fixes/goodies:

* Blockbuster (including WM DRM 10)
* Kindle eReader
* Preloaded try/buy video game: NOVA from Gameloft
* Sprint Zone update
* Latest Telenav
* Latest Visual Voicemail Application
* Latest Sprint TV application
* SWYPE keyboard
* Scan Now Widget for 4G

It may not be Android 2.3, but getting any update is better than nothing, right? Unfortunately, this one packs a game demo in with all of the improvements that is likely impossible to remove without rooting your handset. You know what they say: you’ve got to take the bad with the good sometimes.

Fatal Four Way Dogfight: iPhone v Evo v Vibrant v Droid X

Noah attempts the unthinkable: A Fatal FourWay Dogfight. Four of the summer’s baddest touchscreen smartphones enter the squared circle to duke it out: Apple iPhone 4 vs Moto Droid X vs HTC Evo 4G vs Samsung Vibrant.

I know it is a bit long to watch both, but if you are on the fence, these could really help you out. Bill

Summer of Android: Top 5 iPhone rivals

Here’s a visual tour of five top-of-the-line Android smartphones that give the iPhone 4 a run for its money.

In the world of smartphones, two distinct camps have started to form. On the one side, you have the infamous Apple devotees. These folks like having a simple, neat and tightly controlled user experience; they like what Steve Jobs hands them, and they’re OK with doing things the Apple way.

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