AT&T Brings Kindle to Retail Stores

AT&T today announced that it will begin selling Amazon’s Kindle 3G eReaders in AT&T retail stores nationwide beginning March 6. The Kindle gets its connectivity from AT&T’s 3G broadband network.

AT&T will include Kindle 3G in its connected devices displays throughout AT&T company-owned stores, offering customers the opportunity to test drive the device onsite.

“As the first dedicated eReader offered in our stores, we are confident the Kindle will be an attractive addition to our in store connected devices lineup,” said Glenn Lurie, president, emerging devices, AT&T.
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Amazon Launches Kindle Singles

Amazon has officially launched Kindle Singles, a feature that allows writers to submit their work for inclusion in the Kindle e-bookstore.

The section, available at, features selections that are between 5,000 and 30,000 words. Singles include original reporting, essays, memoirs, and fiction – priced between $0.99 and $4.99.

“The response to our announcement of Singles has been great,” Russ Grandinetti, vice president of Kindle content, said in a statement. “This first set of Singles was selected by our team of editors, and includes works by Rich Cohen, Darin Strauss, Ian Ayres, and the first-ever books published by TED. We think customers will be riveted by these stories that can take them to a Swedish bank heist or to the Mexican border town of Juarez, or to consider a new way to think about happiness.” Read the rest of this entry »

Kindle Coming to Best Buy

In a related story, here is a link to E-reader roundup: 8 devices compete for the crown. This is a tremendous article on the different e-readers available(since the Sony’s are not officially available yet, they were not inlcuded in thgis article. You can go to to see the article about them) and a must read if you are looking to purchase an e-reader soon.

Amazon’s Kindle e-reader, once available only online, is making its way to yet another offline retailer, Best Buy. The electronics retailer says it will begin selling the Kindle in stores this fall. Best Buy will be the third retailer to offer the Kindle, following Target and Staples, as Amazon continues to increase the e-reader’s offline presence.
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Staples to Offer Amazon Kindle

Office supplies retailer Staples will become the second third-party retailer to carry the Amazon Kindle after it launches the device early this fall, the company announced today.

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Newest Kindles to ship Friday

Orders made today ship in mid-September, however

Both versions of the new, third-generation “smaller, lighter, faster” Kindle e-reader begin shipping on Friday, but said orders placed today will not ship until on or before Sept. 17.

The new Wi-Fi + 3G Kindle, sells for $189, according to Amazon’s Web site. The Wi-Fi-only Kindle, sells for $139. Both models are temporarily sold out due to strong customer demand.
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Kindle Gets Games; Two Free Apps Launched

The Kindle is no longer an e-books-only device; developers have just released two Kindle-ready games, thanks to the Kindle Development Kit (KDK).

The KDK was launched earlier this year. At that time, we predicted more non-book apps, from productivity tools to games, would be available for Kindle users.
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Amazon Says New Kindle E-Readers Sold Out

Amazon: New Kindle e-readers, including $139 model, sold out before late-August arrival says it has already sold out of the two new Kindle e-reader models it announced last week.

A spokesman confirmed Monday that the company is temporarily sold out of the Kindles. Both can wirelessly download books — a $189 model does so over 3G cellular networks and Wi-Fi, while a $139 model just uses Wi-Fi. Inc. started taking new Kindle orders on July 28, saying they would ship to customers on Aug. 27. On Monday, its website said customers could still order the devices, and they’re expected to ship on or before Sept. 4.

Amazon’s website indicated that its larger-screen Kindle, the $379 Kindle DX, is still in stock.

It’s hard to determine how the Kindle is selling overall since the online retailer has not disclosed sales figures.

Hands on with Amazon’s zippy, alluring Kindle

The latest Kindle is sleeker, lighter, and better designed. In other words, a winner.

It didn’t take long to realize that this Kindle was unlike any other I’d handled before — including the new Kindle DX (Graphite). Maybe 20 seconds, tops. Never mind the obvious giveaways — smaller size, less wasted real estate around the edges, new button design, new color. As soon as I took the Kindle in hand, I knew that this Kindle marked new territory.

The third-generation Kindle comes in two versions: The Kindle Wi-Fi costs $139, while the Kindle, which has both Wi-Fi and 3G, costs $189, the same as the 3G-only Kindle 2 cost previously.
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Amazon sells out of $189 Kindle is sold out of the US$189 version of its popular Kindle e-readers, and the company did not say when new stock will come in.

The company posted a note on its website that not only says that the Kindle is temporarily out-of-stock, but that it will have to “e-mail you with an estimated delivery date as soon as we have more information.”
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Amazon’s Kindle DX Re-Enters Ring

Device Comes Back at Rival Digital-Readers With Lower Price, Brighter Screen Inc. introduced an updated, lower-priced version of its large-screen Kindle e-reader, the latest sign of maneuvering in the fast-moving market for such devices, which has been upended by Apple Inc.’s new iPad.

The few changes Amazon introduced to the device appeared designed to differentiate the Kindle DX on its price and reading credentials, rather than to stack it up against the multi-purpose iPad. The jury is still out on how consumers might compare the rival gadgets.
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