Samsung Galaxy Indulge Unboxing & First Impressions by Sydney

Downloaded from by Sydney Arnold

Alright, this is the last time I’m pointing out that prepaid carriers are on the rise and that they no longer carry the stigma of having only “crappy” phones. From now on I’m treating them just like every other carrier. It’s only fair. I mean, MetroPCS goes from having these horrible commercials that contain so many elements that only seem to solidify the misconception that they are not a technologically advanced company (please take note of that comment Metro) to now having the very first 4G LTE Android smartphone available on the market. Granted, we’ll still have to live with the badly-designed commercials, but the phone itself is impressive.The Samsung Galaxy Indulge is a pretty cool phone. Four months ago it would have been the envy of gadget freaks everywhere, but now it’s just a really awesome phone. It’s packed with the same 1 GHz Hummingbird processor that you’ll find in all of the Galaxy S devices and a physical keyboard that’s similar to the Epic’s physical keyboard, only smaller. Oh, and it’s a 4G LTE device with Android 2.2. So, what do I think about it? Well, I’ve only had it for a day, but so far, I’m really digging this phone. Let’s run through some first impression notes:

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MetroPCS launches LTE smart phone

Prepaid carrier MetroPCS has landed a smartphone from Samsung’s Galaxy S lineup to support its new LTE services.

The Samsung Galaxy Indulge is the first LTE-capable Android smartphone to hit the market. The device comes equipped with Android 2.2 Froyo, a 1GHz processor, 3-megapixel camera and a 4GB microSD card preloaded with the action flick Ironman 2.

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MetroPCS LTE Hits Boston, NYC, Sacramento

Prepaid operator MetroPCS Communications turned on LTE services in Boston, New York City and Sacramento today.

The company’s no-contract mobile broadband services are now available in nine metropolitan areas, including Dallas-Fort Worth, Detroit, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and San Francisco. MetroPCS has plans to expand its 4G services into more metropolitan areas later this year and into early 2011, including Atlanta, Jacksonville, Miami, Orlando and Tampa.

“As the only no annual contract, pay-in-advance wireless service provider offering 4G LTE services, we continue to build our network to allow more customers to experience our unparalleled value and flexible, affordable service,” said MetroPCS President and CEO Roger Linquist in a press release. Read the rest of this entry »

Top 10 Apps LTE Will Super-Charge

Long Term Evolution (LTE) has officially arrived in the US with both MetroPCS Inc. (NYSE: PCS) and Verizon Wireless turning on their first networks. Verizon’s zippier network promises-5 to-12Mbit/s average download speeds with latency of 30 milliseconds or less.

So what can you do with the blazing fast speeds Verizon, and LTE in general, are promising? Well anything you could on 3G. But, there are a few apps that will benefit the most from the super-charged speed. Of course, with data plans capped at 5 or 10GB, taking advantage of these apps will put you over the top fairly quickly.
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MetroPCS rolls out LTE in San Francisco

MetroPCS Communications Inc. (PCS) continued the rollout of its LTE network today with the commercial launch of service in San Francisco. The move follows previous launches in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas; Detroit; Las Vegas; Los Angeles; and Philadelphia.
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MetroPCS Launches Its First No Contract Android Smartphone with the LG Optimus M™

Just in time for holiday shopping, MetroPCS Communications Inc. (NYSE: PCS) and LG Mobile Phones announced today the launch of LG Optimus M™, the first Android smartphone from MetroPCS. Available in MetroPCS stores and online starting November 24, LG Optimus M; is a sleek Android device with a vibrant 3.2 inch touchscreen that allows consumers to do more with quick access to today’s expanding number of applications.

With the LG Optimus M, MetroPCS introduces consumers to the growing Android Market™ by helping them stay connected and entertained while on-the-go. With multi-app screens and the Android 2.2 operating system (“Froyo”), LG Optimus M provides instant access to more than 100,000 of the latest applications to fit anyone’s lifestyle. For just $50 per month no annual contract plan, consumers also can take advantage of Metro USA℠ nationwide unlimited talk, text and web services.
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