HP Pre 3 vs. Palm Pre 2

Here is a comparison from TechnoBuffalo.com of the newly being released Hp Pre2 and the newly announced Pre3

After such a long wait, was the new HP Pre 3 (aka Palm Pre 3) worth it? And is it a worthy successor to the Palm Pre 2?

The HP Pre 3 was announced this morning at HP’s big webOS event, and while some of us were a bit surprised the company opted to keep the Pre name as it is associated with a failed phone, as well as really creepy ads, but keeping it they are. Name aside, however, how does the phone stack up? Will it blow the Pre 2 out of the water? We’ve put together a chart for you that shows the phones side-by-side, and there are some definite improvements, as well as a few that make you wonder why they stayed the same.
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The Best Smartphone on Every Platform

The most important thing about your next phone isn’t what carrier it’s on, how big the screen is, or even who makes it. It’s the platform, stupid. So here are the best phones on every platform.

iOS: iPhone 4 (32GB)

Duh. While you can pick up an iPhone 3GS on the cheap, there’s no reason to. Saving $100, you lose out on the iPhone 4′s frankly a-mazing screen, killer camera, faster speed (for better gaming) and FaceTime. When it comes to iOS, there is only one choice: iPhone 4. And really you should get the 32GB model. Why? Because apps, HD video and 5-megapixel photos can take a lot of space, and you’re gonna be stuck with this thing for two years.
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Palm Pre set for May 16 launch at AT&T Mobility

Palm Inc. scooped AT&T Mobility announcing on its Facebook page that the nation’s No. 2 carrier would begin offering the Pre Plus beginning May 16 for $150 after rebates. In addition, AT&T Mobility will for a limited time after launch provide Palm’s Touchstone Charging Dock for free to customers picking up the device in retail stores.
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Reaction Mixed on HP Buying Palm

Industry analysts’ reaction to HP’s intention to buy Palm for $1.2 billion was mostly mixed as Palm shares surged after yesterday’s announcement.
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We read HP’s Palm to get a glimpse of the future

On Wednesday, the mobile world was rocked with news flailing phone maker Palm had been snapped up by the world’s premiere computer maker Hewlett-Packard for a cool $1.2 billion.
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PC maker HP buys Palm for $1.2 billion

No. 1 computer maker Hewlett-Packard has snapped up flailing phone maker Palm for $1.2 billion, giving the PC firm a huge boost in the mobile computing and smartphone market.
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