HTC Posts HTC Sensation Sign Up Page

Looking to find more information on the HTC Sensation? Look no further than HTC itself as they recently posted a sign up page to “found out more” regarding the HTC Sensation. As usual you’ll likely find out official news and none of the rumors you’ll find on sites like TmoNews. However, you never know what HTC might do with those who signed up for information. Hit the link below to register!

P.S. That June 8th release date rumor we posted about yesterday? We promised to do a little more digging and yeah, we’re pretty confident that’s the current release date for the US. Of course all dates are subject to change but for the moment it’s a day to circle on the calendar.

HTC Sensation Sign Up

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How To : Root the T-Mobile Sidekick 4G

It’s only been two days since T-Mobile released the G2x and Sidekick 4G on the world, and both have been rooted already. While not as easy as the one-click root solution of the G2x, the Sidekick 4G’s root method doesn’t require too much know how to get things going.

If you’re new to hacking your phones in any way, you should first read the how to all the way through first, just to make sure you are comfortable with what you’re doing. You assume all responsibility for what you do to your handset, and it would be a sad day to find yourself with a new SideBrick 4G only days after getting it. Let’s get started.
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T-Mobile willing to knock $100 off G-Slate, if you ask nicely

Here’s a little secret that T-Mobile didn’t really intend for public consumption: if you give the company a ring you can nab an extra $100 off a G-Slate. The discount was emailed out to those who signed up for a special promotional offer T-Mo teased recently. Like most things, though, the internet got ahold of this juicy morsel and we’re happy to tell you it’s open to everyone. Just reference promo code GSLATE100 and you can pick up a shiny new Honeycomb tablet for $430 — provided you have an existing voice plan or sign up for one, are willing to commit to a two-year data contract on top of that, and don’t mind dealing with a mail-in rebate. If those caveats don’t scare you off, go ahead and call. Just act quick, the offer ends April 27th.

Video Reviews Of The T-Mobile Sidekick Launched Today

Are you tired of going from site to site trying to see all the videos on the latest, hotest phones? Well fear not, PhoneScholar is here. I reviewed most of the videos for the Sidekick launching today on T-Mobile for $99 with contract and here are the two best. Aaron from phonedog gives us a 2 part video about 21 minutes combines. He goes in depth into the phone with the following demos:

*Cloud Texting
*Customization Options like the background themes
*Media Hub showing how to easily download and watch movies
*Connecting to the Android Market and Gmail
*Regular Texting
*Pre-Loaded Apps
*Camera Picture Quality
*Quadrant and Speed Tests

The other video is from Jon at technobuffalo. His is about 7 minutes long. Jon’s made it a point to get all the information about the phone in a shorter period of time. While he did not go into all the actual demos of the features, he explained them fully and gave more than enough information and hands on to give you an informed opinion on whether the Sidekick is worth buying.

Both of theses excellent reviews agree on a few key points

+The keyboard might be the best of any phone available today or have come out in the last year or so
+Very few dropped calls in both the Southern California area and North Carolina
+Good battery life
+The hinged flip up is better than the old style flip out. Stronger and easier to use
+Good speed and integration between screens
+Decent but not mind blowing display
+Fairly average to below average rear camera quality with no flash

T-Mobile G-Slate Review Pt. 1&2

It’s finally here! Aaron reviews the T-Mobile G-Slate, the US version of the LG Optimus Pad and the first device to launch with 3D recording capabilities. It offers a 1 GHz NVIDIA Tegra 2 dual-core processor, 8.9-inch display, stereoscopic 5-megapixel cameras for shooting 3D content, a 2-megapixel front-facing camera, and Android 3.0 (Honeycomb). The G-Slate can record HD video in 1080p, and 3D video in 720p.

As if that wasn’t enough, it’s the first product to run on the carrier’s 42 Mbps HSPA+ network, which is currently live in Orlando, Las Vegas, and New York City. The T-Mobile G-Slate will be available on April 20th for $529.99. Is it the the best tablet out there, or does it fall short of the others?

If you wish to read about the G-Slate, here is a fantastic article from Noah at Technobuffalo reviewing the new tablet.

T-Mobile G2x Review (Video)

Thanks again to Jon from technobuffalo for a quick and precise review of the T-Mobile LG G2X. After watching a few hours of video yesterday and today, I can truly say that Jon keeping his videos under 7 minutes is a blessing. Listening to some of these reviewers from other sites go on and on for 15 minutes or more can really put you to sleep-Bill

The T-Mobile G2x marks a lot of firsts. It’s the carrier’s first dual-core device, LG’s first Tegra 2 phone, and back when it was announced as the Optimus 2x, (pre Atrix) it was the first dual-core device in existence. While the G2x maybe a trailblazer, does it deserve a place in your pocket? I applaud LG and T-Mobile for delivering an untainted Android (2.2) experience with solid build quality, but came away disappointed by 4G signal quality. There is much more to love that hate about the G2x, and with an out of the box Quadrant score of 2,379 it’s bound to make the hardware nerds giddy. For the full review, hit the play button below.
T-Mobile G2x Specs

4-inch 800×400 display
Android 2.2, Froyo (with no bloatware from T-Mobile or LG)
NVIDIA Tegra 2 dual-core processor
8GB of built-in memory, microSD expandable
Dual cameras: 1.3 MP (forward-facing), 8 MP (rear-facing) with 1080p video recording
Adobe Flash Player 10.1 certified

Even More Plus Unlimited Plan Canceled

Unfortunately there is some bad news for Even More Plus customers this afternoon as we just received word that the EM+ Unlimited Plan scheduled for launch at $59.99 has been canceled. For reasons unknown T-Mobile has decided not to offer the plan at this time. It was rumored to be a *very* quiet launch for the EM+ plan and as it turns out, it’s one of those things that never materialized from rumor (even so T-Mobile announced it in a press release) to reality.

In any event, the Even More plan launched this morning and is ripe for the taking!

Via: TMO News

T-Mobile Sidekick 4G Unboxing

The newest Sidekick is in the house, and it’s sporting Android! Aaron from phonedog unboxes the T-Mobile Sidekick 4G, which is made by Samsung. It offers a 1 GHz Hummingbird processor (just like the Galaxy S line), 3.5-inch display, 3-megapixel camera, front-facing camera for video calling, and a fantastic five-row physical QWERTY keyboard. The Sidekick 4G has Android 2.2, though it’s a customized version that takes advantage of the Sidekick’s history as a messaging smartphone.

So far, it’s an awesome device that stays true to its roots. Is it the best Android messaging phone out there? We’ll try to figure that out in the unboxing.

Thanks Aaron-Bill

Smartphone pictures pose privacy risks

KANSAS CITY, Missouri – Pictures you’ve e-mailed or uploaded from your smartphone could be leaking location information threatening your safety or that of your children.

“Perfect, just like that,” cooed NBC Action News staffer Susanne McDonald to her four-year-old daughter Laine as she took a series of smartphone pictures. “Ready? One, two, three! Good Girl.”

We loaned McDonald and Laine a smartphone to see just how threatening a seemingly innocent snapshot could be once loaded online.
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T-Mobile’s new plans get official: starting at $60 for unlimited everything, throttling included

T-Mobile threw another “we are not laying down because of the buy-out (merger, sell out, cop out, sell off, running to the bank deal, insert whatever phrase you think is best) ” log onto the fire. Today they introduced two new unlimited plans for single line users (no family plans as of yet). The first, Even More™ for $79.99 requires a two year contract required and the other Even More Plus™ for $59.99 does not require a contract. These plans are only available for a limited time. While all this seems heavenly, there is a bit of a snag (as always nothing comes without a price). If you are a heavy data user, while there are no overage charges, if you go over 2GB of usage your data speeds will be throttled (they do not say how much they will slow you down). For those of you who are not familiar with the term “throttle or throttling”, check out my example and you will see why that word is used. Let’s say you are breathing well and someone grabs you by the throat. Now you are having trouble get air in and out. Well it is the same with data throttling. They put a choke hold on your account and restrict the speed flow of the data so the entire network does not get slowed down. Is it fair? Depends on who you ask. Is it reality? Oh yeah. Please read the entire press release from T-Mobile below.

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