Video: Droid Incredible 2 Review, Hands on With the New Blackberry 5-2-11 Check out the 2 part video review of the Verizon HTC Droid Incredible 2 from Aaron at the best 3G Android phone to date, RIM introduces the new Blackberry Bold 9900, 9930 and Blackberry 7 OS-Check out the hands on video from Blackberry World currently going on in Orlando Florida, RIM also announces the new Facebook app for the Blackberry Playbook, Verizon Wireless shows its 2011 Winter online catalog showing the Blackberry Playbook, WP7 HTC Trophy and the Xperia Play “coming soon”, Sprint HTC EVO 3D 4G on presale at Best Buy but its a secret-You have to go in and ask for it they will not promote it for now, Time, Sports Illustrated and Fortune magazines are now free on the iPad for those paid print subscription customers.

Unboxing Videos:VZW Incredible 2, Casio G’zOne Commando, Droid 4-28-11 Check out the unboxing videos from Aaron at for the 3 Verizon phones released today the HTC Incredible 2- Casio G’zOne Commando-Samsung Droid Charge, Steve Jobs may have sunk the Apple lawsuit against Amazon with his “rant” from last October, Verizon Wireless “Test” man moving on to other pastures-no longer with Verizon, Verizon Wireless announces $50 unlimited prepaid plan.

White iPhone 4 Finally Arrives, Apple Tries to Explain the “Tracking” 4-27-11 Starting tomorrow we will finally have the opportunity to purchase the much anticipated iPhone 4, Apple really tries to explain the current “tracking” issue but may have made it more confusing, Jon from technobuffalo gives us a video review of the Asus Eee Pad Transformer tablet-calls it the best Android tablet to date, fring launches the world’s first group video calls on iPhone and Android-you can talk to up to 3 of your friends at the same time, Qik Video Connect Plus allows iPhone to Android video chat and email.

Video:Sony Announces New Tablets, VZW HTC Incredible 2 Launches 4/28 4-26-11 Last week I put out an article about how the iPad and iPhone where tracking and storing your movement-Here is an article that shows what Steve Jobs thinks about that and it also explains that Android is not doing the same, Sony announces its foray into the tablet market coming in fall of 2011, Verizon Wireless announces two new phones coming on April 28th, the HTC Incredible 2 for $199.99 and the Casio G’zOne Commando which is the first Android ruggedized smartphone for Verizon.

Videos: B&N Nook Color Gets Upgrade to Froyo, Blackberry Playbook 4-25-11 Barnes & Noble is sending out firmware update for the Nook Color to upgrade to Android 2.2 Froyo-will support Flash, email and Android Market, Video reviews of the Blackberry Playbook from Aaron at phonedog and Jon at technobuffalo-also check out link to written review, Best Buy launches pre-orders for the HTC Flyer Wi-Fi 16GB for $499 and the Sprint Nexus S with Gingerbread for $199.99, HTC posts HTC Sensation sign up page to get info as it is released for phone, check out video from Justoeasy for rooting the Droid Incredible.

Video: Ipad2 vs. BB Playbook, Samsung Droid Charge 4G to VZW April 4-22-11 Jon from technobuffalo gives us a truly great iPad2 vs. Playbook video-Think you know who will win-You might be surprised, Second 4G LTE phone coming to Verizon Wirelesson April 28th the Samsung Droid Charge for $299.99, T-mobile willing to knock off $100 of the G-Slate if you order over the phone and agree to 2 year contract, Samsung now suing Apple after Apple uses them-Guess being business partners means nothing these days, How to root your T-Mobile Samsung Sidekick 4G and LG G2X, Blackberry Playbook first day sales out sells both Galaxy Tab and Motorola Xoom.

Apple iPhone5 in September?, iPhone Tracks You Without You 4-21-11 Reuters put out a tweet based on sources that says the next generation iPhone will be out sometime in September-will have A5 processor-8mp camera-white and black versions-64gb model and possible 3G FaceTime, iPhone tracking you through GPS-the problem is the information is not encrypted and Apple is storing this info, Asus announces Eee Pad Transformer tablet with docking station for $399 on April 26th, Toshiba tablet will be arriving sometime in June, Sprint and ClearWire Wi-Max expands in the D.C. and Baltimore markets.

Video Reviews: T-Mobile Sidekick, LG G-Slate Tablet, LG G2X & Sprint 4-20-11 T-Mobile has launched today the Samsung Sidekick 4G phone with Android 2.2, The LG G-Slate 3D tablet with Honeycomb and 42mbps HSPA+ and the LG G2X phone with an 8mp rear camera. Check out the review videos I posted from technobuffalo and phonedog. I also posted the review video for the Sprint Kyocera Echo

Blackberry Playbook Hits 20,000 Retail Stores Today, Unboxing 4-19-11 RIM released the Blackberry Playbook to Best Buy, Office Depot and many other retailers-Is it worth getting?, AT&T Blackberry customers cannot Bridge to their Playbooks, How to put Gingerbread on Droid X without having to root, Business partners Apple sues Samsung claiming the Galaxy phone and tablet lines look to much like the iPhone and iPad lines, Verizon Wireless expand their LTE network.

Videos: T-Mobile Sidekick and Sprint Echo Unboxing and First 4-14-11 Aaron from phonedog gives us a first look at the T-Mobile Sidekick made by Samsung, Noah from technobufalo gives us a first look at the dual screen Kyocera Echo from Sprint, If you post pictures of your kids online from your cell phone, it is possible to see where there bedroom, school, park, favorite restaurant, etc. just by using that picture, Apple sends out upgrades to fix both iPad2 connection problems and iPhone 4 FaceTime issues, T-Mobile cancels the $59.99 Even More Plus plan 1 day after announcing it.