ScreenGuard(TM) Foam Cleaning Spray may be the most amazing product most people do not know about. I hooked up with this company a few years ago. We have been selling through Wal-Mart here in the Southern California area, on and at local computer and technology shows. As you will see from the video, you can now clean your cell phone, laptop, LCD screen, HDTV, or any other plastic or acrylic surface. It has also been very effective on chrome and brass. Screenguard can also be used on small glass applications like glasses and camera lenses. Since it leaves a protective coating on the product, it is not recommended for large glass applications like mirrors or windshields. You can purchase it directly at We are also offering a $5 rebate by sending a request to Please put Screenguard FCS in the subject line. For more demo videos go to and click on “video demos”.

We offer great prices for case purchases. We also offer great commissions for sales and distribution. For case pricing or if you wish to sell or distribute ScreenGuard(tm) Foam Cleaning Spray, please email me at

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