“Can you see me now?” Not anymore.

The spokesman for Verizon Wireless since 2002 Paul Marcarelli (yes he does have a real name) will no longer be saying his famous saying anymore. Verizon has decided that it will be going in a different direction in its ad campaigns. The “Test” man was named by entertainment Weekly as one of the most intriguing people in 2002. During his tenure he was also named the most recognizable spokesman in America. When he was first brought on Verizon was trying to make consumers understand how important the network was over pricing plans and “free” phones. Well, I think he accomplished that task. Verizon is easily known as having the strongest network and consistently stayed number one or two in customer activations during Paul’s as reign. Recently, based on the tales he recounted to The Atlantic, leaving the role may be a good thing. Paul once heard someone say “Can you hear me now?” at his grandmother’s funeral — as her body was being lowered into the grave. Yup, it’s time for a role change.

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